About us

At CONIEX we have been working in the spin casting industry for over 30 years. Our knowledge and vision of the industry allows us to develop our own silicone molds and products adapted to the most demanding needs of each market.

It is in our way of working to share with customers the experience and knowledge acquired in the spin casting process to develop joint synergies and improve their industrial process.

In addition, our commitment to the environment translates into constant advice to our customers for the proper use of products, to minimize waste management costs and environmental impact.

Motlle Quadrat Retallat LR

Our history

CONIEX was born in January 1987 with the merger of the commercial departments of two companies to join forces and experiences in increasingly competitive markets. Both its leaders and collaborating companies have more than 30 years of experience in these sectors.


In our headquarters in Palau, we have:

  • central offices
  • silicone laboratories
  • resin laboratories
  • tribological processes laboratory
  • course rooms
  • showroom
  • silicone factory
  • resin and enamel factory

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