Dear customer and collaborator:   Due to the current situation we are experiencing because of COVID-19, and the measures taken by the authorities to fight this pandemic, which among others include: the declaration of a state of alert, the closure
Following the latest communications and recommendations from the Government, we at Coniex have decided to take extraordinary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. In this sense, all the departments whose functions support teleworking will be carrying
HIGH TEAR SILICONE In the centrifugal casting sector, there has always been a great dilemma with silicone moulds. The higher the heat resistance IS, the lower mechanical resistance it has, and the higher the mechanical resistance, the lower the heat
VULCANIZING RELEASE AGENT During the vulcanization of spin casting moulds, problems can occur with the adhesion of the original parts to the silicone in the mould, especially with resin parts. In CONIEX we have the ideal product that will avoid
After more than 32 years in the spin casting sector, from CONIEX we want to offer you the best solutions to optimize your processes to the maximum and obtain pewter and zamak parts of the best quality. Today we would

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