Manufacturing parts in PEWTER (known as white metal) using Spin Casting requires an adapted range of moulds.  The SILCODISC-PE series has excellent mechanical strength and tear resistance, which guarantees a very long mould life. They are specially designed and formulated
Would you like to make your own resin pieces? You can create your own pieces easily and simply with Esmaltex epoxy resin, quickly and with no investment. For more than 30 years, Coniex has been manufacturing a completely transparent, high-gloss,
DOMINGFLEX,  the flexible epoxy resin as the ideal alternative In the world of graphic arts and advertising, we have seen such beautiful labels covered with a flexible transparent coating that makes them very elegant, as well as they are protected. This clear coating is a resin, applied by a Resin Drop process, also known as DOMING. This is a two-component polyurethane resin, with a very shiny final appearance that does not yellow over time, but normally very difficult and expensive to apply, since special installations are necessary.  Due to the nature of this resin, and after having removed one of its components that was harmful for health, during the mixture of the two components, bubbles are generated difficult to remove and, if not completely eliminated, will remain visible inside labels. For its correct application and to avoid these bubbles, it is recommended to have a very well heated room, to vacuum the mixture, either with a vacuum chamber, if application is automatical, or with a vacuum pump, if application is manual.  DOMINGFLEX, THE FLEXIBLE EPOXY RESIN AS THE IDEAL ALTERNATIVE Our DOMINGFLEX flexible epoxy resin is the ideal and economical alternative to polyurethane resin. For its application, both manual and automatic, no special facilities are needed and, following the instructions indicated when mixing, you will completely avoid the formation of bubbles. DOMINGFLEX is totally free of Bisphenol A, which, as you may already know, is a prohibited substance because it is harmful for health. It complies with all current regulations, we are able to certify non-toxicity, if necessary. In addition, it is characterized by its low hardness, which allows the final result to be flexible. We dispose of different hardnesses to obtain different flexibilities.  As it is an epoxy resin, it can turn yellow over time, but thanks to UV filters developed in our R&D Laboratories, this yellowing is not being produced in a long time, compared to other epoxy resins on the market.  You will be able to make short and customized productions, in a very profitable and economical way, since as commented, no investments or special conditions are necessary to apply. Design your label, print it and this is ready for the spectacular 3D effect. Most of our customers have found DOMINGFLEX as the ideal alternative for resining your labels. 
  Do you want to obtain your "original or master"  pieces and the original cannot resist the mould vulcanization temperature? We have the ideal mould. Thanks to new technologies, and particularly to 3D technology, it is common to use resin
Our bi-component enamel ESMALTEX adds value and is ideal for enamelling your buttons and fornitures, in a quick and easy way. What do I get? - Pieces with a great surface hardness and resistance to abrasion. - Shiny final appearance

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