Wouldn’t it be great if we could use the same type of mould for everything! Unfortunately, that is just a dream, because the mould you need to make a flat piece like a medal or a plaque is different from one you need to make pieces of jewellery and other
Fortunately, we live in an era when the safety of living beings and preserving the environment have become priorities. Thanks to the fact that most countries establish regulations for their compliance and control, we have peace of mind that we are protected against any potentially harmful substance. We assume that
GinGer & VelVet Enameled Jewelry In recent times we appreciate in consumers a growing trend to choose genuine products. We choose, more and more, to acquire articles elaborated through unique processes, moving away from those manufactured in series and lacking in personality. In this sense, for several years in CONIEX
Manufacturing parts in PEWTER (known as white metal) using Spin Casting requires an adapted range of moulds.  The SILCODISC-PE series has excellent mechanical strength and tear resistance, which guarantees a very long mould life. They are specially designed and formulated for the spin casting of low-melting-point metal alloys: Pewter and
Would you like to make your own resin pieces? You can create your own pieces easily and simply with Esmaltex epoxy resin, quickly and with no investment. For more than 30 years, Coniex has been manufacturing a completely transparent, high-gloss, highly scratch and UV-resistant, bisphenol-free epoxy resin.  Our Esmaltex Epoxy

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