After more than 32 years in the spin casting sector, from CONIEX we want to offer you the best solutions to optimize your processes to the maximum and obtain pewter and zamak parts of the best quality. Today we would
WHY APPLY TALC IN CASTING MOULDS? Due to the aggression suffered by the moulds during castings due to different factors, one of the most important being the abrasion of the metal at high temperature, the rubber and silicone moulds deteriorate
Esmaltex: the CONIEX range free from Bisphenol-A From CONIEX we want to show our commitment to health and the environment, that’s why our enamels (epoxy resins) are the only ones in the market 100% Bisphenol-A free. After more than two
Safer and more comfortable packaging. We are aware of how important safety is when working with chemical products. That’s why we are dedicated to offer the best to our clients, day byday. At CONIEX we are committed to health and
Enameling: problems and solutions (II) In this post we bring you the second part of the decalogue of problems that can occur during enameling and their solutions. 6. Brittle Enamel It’s because the mixture contains an excess hardener, when. Mixing

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