Do you want to obtain your "original or master"  pieces and the original cannot resist the mould vulcanization temperature? We have the ideal mould. Thanks to new technologies, and particularly to 3D technology, it is common to use resin or plastic pieces as originals. Originals in molding  putty are
Our bi-component enamel ESMALTEX adds value and is ideal for enamelling your buttons and fornitures, in a quick and easy way. What do I get? - Pieces with a great surface hardness and resistance to abrasion. - Shiny final appearance - Enable later machining: sanding, polishing, etc. What can I
Dear customers and collaborators, We are currently in an unprecedented health situation. A few months ago we saw the COVID-19 pandemic on the other side of the world, and in the blink of an eye, we have faced it in our own country. It is hard to believe how something
Dear customer and collaborator:   Due to the current situation we are experiencing because of COVID-19, and the measures taken by the authorities to fight this pandemic, which among others include: the declaration of a state of alert, the closure of borders for the transport of non-essential products and the
Following the latest communications and recommendations from the Government, we at Coniex have decided to take extraordinary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. In this sense, all the departments whose functions support teleworking will be carrying out their daily functions from home with total normality to

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