Enameling problems: causes and solutions Previous considerations: it is important to work at room temperature (20º to 25ºC) and with a maximum relative humidity of 50. To facilitate the application of the enamel and homogenize the color, it is recommended
Silicone insert is specially designed to prevent the breakage of molds when parts have hooks and a lot of counterexit. It also has great resistance to abrasion and an extraordinary thermal stability managing to keep its properties intact at very
Slag tray: built in steel, it is very useful for depositing the slag that we have to remove periodically from the top layer of the crucible. It has two lateral handles to facilitate its manipulation. Ingot: built in steel, designed to
  Leather Apron: Protects the operator from possible metal splashes. It is an important element in the safety of the worker in a foundry. Kevlar gloves: They have a high thermal resistance. They are very comfortable, flexible and light. They
Industrial Talc: very fine and dry laminar powder composed of a studied mixture of particles. It is used as a release agent in the mould vulcanisation process and mainly in the casting process. Applying it every three casts we manage

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