Leather Apron: Protects the operator from possible metal splashes. It is an important element in the safety of the worker in a foundry. Kevlar gloves: They have a high thermal resistance. They are very comfortable, flexible and light. They
Industrial Talc: very fine and dry laminar powder composed of a studied mixture of particles. It is used as a release agent in the mould vulcanisation process and mainly in the casting process. Applying it every three casts we manage
Teflon bars ideal for inserts, its main characteristics are: very low shrinkage, resistant to high temperatures and when extracted from the piece does not leave marks, getting excellent finishes. Silicone cord for inserts. It has the advantage that being flexible
They have a design and shape that allow a perfect closing during the centrifugation process. They are manufactured in zamak material and marketed in 3 kg containers. There are three different types of centrers: Standard model, suitable for casting metals
Essential tools to facilitate the work at the time of the confection of the molds. Gouges: set of gouges of different sizes and shapes. Designed to make it easy to feed the moulds with perfect definition. Small magnifier with built-in

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