There are additives for ESMALTEX that help to improve the application; these additives are: POLYMERIC DILUENT: It is a reactive diluent (no solvent) that when added up to 10% on the resin (not the mixture) lowers the viscosity of the
The catalyst is the critical element according to the application you want to give the enamel. There is a catalyst for each application, but you have to know how to select it right from the start. N-CATALYST: The most widely
ESMALTEX can be used as a filler enamel or as a paint. Therefore, it can be used in an infinite number of applications. Gift Items Advertising articles Promotional and tourist products Buttons, fashion and clothing accessories Fashion Jewellery and Jewellery
What is it and what is it used for? Epoxy resin is a petroleum derivative, and its applications are multiple.  The resin is a liquid that is divided into two components, which to pass to a solid state requires its

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