The catalyst is the critical element according to the application you want to give the enamel. There is a catalyst for each application, but you have to know how to select it right from the start.

  • N-CATALYST: The most widely used catalyst. Special for flat pieces with lateral edge.
  • CATALYST-40: It is a SLOW catalyst, which reacts very slowly, so we have more time working in the same mixture. Special for long series of pieces with little amount of enamel to apply.
  • CATALYST - CATNIVEL: A special catalyst for coating flat parts without lateral edge and for large surfaces. It is the indicated catalyst to apply with ESMALTEX FLEXIBLE.
  • CATALYST - TIXOMED: Catalyst with higher viscosity and thixotropy, making it ideal for parts with a certain curvature.
  • CATALYST - TIXOCAT: Very thixotropic catalyst for parts with a lot of curvature, including rings.
  • DOMINGFLEX “B”: Catalyst for label coating.

Access our RANGE OF CATALYZERS where you can observe all the catalysts and their characteristics. It is important to know how to interpret this picture since the final success will depend on the correct choice of catalyst and its application.

We recommend you to read the article about the simple solution for enameling curved pieces.


The TIXOMED and TIXOCAT CATALYZERS are sold in packages of 0.25 Kg and 1 Kg.

The rest of the CATALYZERS are sold in packages of 0.120 kg, 0.130 Kg, 0.450 kg, 0.500 Kg, 5 Kg, and 25 Kg.

The DOMINGFLEX "B" (catalyst): In packages of 0.500 kgs and 5 kgs.

The technical information of each one of our CATALYZERS are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to consult them.

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