At CONIEX we know that the production of parts in centrifugal casting is a mixture of KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and ART. Our consultants have more than 30 years of experience and vision of the casting technique used in more than 30 countries on 4 continents.

For that reason, we like to share our knowledge and we give different Courses destined to the formation and specialization of companies manufacturing castings in low melting point alloys, of small and medium dimensions.

The Courses

    • Course for new or inexperienced users in centrifugal casting
    • Duration: 1 day
    • Maximum 6 students per teacher
    • Course at Coniex
    • Acquired knowledge
    • Initiation Course Training Diploma
    • Course for users with medium/high knowledge of centrifugal casting
    • Duration: 3 days
    • Maximum 4 students per teacher
    • Course at Coniex or at the Client's home
    • Acquired knowledge
    • Advanced Course Training Diploma
    • For users with specific training requirements
    • Duration: to be defined
    • Maximum 3 students per teacher
    • Courses at Coniex or at the Client's home
    • Knowledge acquired in the specific area
    • Specific Course Training Diploma

Course attendees have their say:

  • The training provided by the Course allowed us to start producing perfect parts from day one and satisfy the demand generated.

    G.L. Company in the miniature sector
  • For more than 16 years I have been melting in 3 different companies of the sector and I have learned new techniques that allow to create very thick pieces without pores avoiding the problems in the galvanic baths.

    J.M. Professional of the sector
  • Knowing the needs of the end user allows me to better recommend CONIEX moulds and the best practices to increase their useful life.

    R.B. Commercial of a Distribuidora company of the Molds CONIEX
  • In our company we couldn't make jewellery in Zamak. After specific training in our facilities and with our own parts, we are now producing without problems.

    H.R., S.A. Company in the jewellery sector

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