Enameled Accessories

The ESMALTEX-CATALIZER mixture is the most demanding and important enamel application process. It is necessary to pay special attention, since the mistake is easy and the consequences are costly.

To facilitate this task, CONIEX offers you the following accessories, which will allow you to make and apply the ESMALTEX-CATALIZADOR mixture correctly:

  • BALANCES: They are totally necessary to work with the enamel in cold. The mixture must be precise and correct. If the mixture is not adequate, we will not obtain the expected results from the enamel. The Balances have an accuracy of 0.01 gr.
  • SYRINGES of different capacities: 10 - 30 and 60 c.c.: Suitable to facilitate the application of the Enamel. They are adapted to the Enamel Dispenser (Enamel Dispenser) by means of the Adapter Head or they can be used manually. (Only the 10 cc can be used manually.) The syringes are marketed in bags of 12 units.
  • ADAPTING HEADS AND TORIC JOINTS (for the heads) FOR THE SYRINGES: For the correct coupling of the syringe to the enameller. The heads are sold in units. O-rings are available in bags of 25 units.
  • NEEDS adaptable to the syringe, of different diameters (from 0.5 to 1.6 mm). Depending on the precision and the surface to be glazed, we will use a larger or smaller diameter. The needles are supplied in boxes of 50 units.
  • DISPOSABLE VASES and SPACES: Indispensable to facilitate a correct Enamel/Catalyst mixture. Both cups and spatulas are available in packs of 100 units.
  • PLANE METALLIC SPACES: Ideal for mixing the two components. Available in two sizes and sold in units

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