Our enamelling courses are aimed at people who use our ESMALTEX (Epoxy Resin). They allow us to solve doubts and improve the techniques of use and application, thus obtaining a constant improvement in productivity.

We have fully equipped facilities, we carry out practical manual exercises and with our glazing equipment, and thanks to our qualified personnel, we improve the glazing process, thereby increasing the quality of your pieces.

The Courses

    • Course for ESMALTEX users
    • Duration: 2 days (10 teaching hours)
    • Maximum 4 - 5 students per teacher
    • Course given in CONIEX (Barcelona)
    • Acquired knowledge
    • Accredited Diplom

Course attendees have their say:

  • I had problems with bubbles and finished with enamels, I encouraged myself to take the course of enameling and now most of my jewelry collections are designed with ESMALTEX product.

    JS, SL Jewellery
  • I have been glazing and using Coniex epoxy resin for more than 15 years. I participated in the glazing course and I have known new application systems and additives, thanks to them I have increased the sale of my products.

    DF Manufacturer of promotional items
  • Thanks to the use of the glazing equipment in the training course, I was able to see for myself the increase in production speed, thus achieving a very significant reduction in costs.

    Professional of the sector
  • I have a jewelry workshop and I didn't decorate my pieces with epoxy resin because I couldn't apply it correctly. Thanks to the training that I obtained in the course of enamelling it has given me security and I enamel my pieces without problems, which allows me to design more varied and original collections.


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