What is it and what is it used for?

Epoxy resin is a petroleum derivative, and its applications are multiple.  The resin is a liquid that is divided into two components, which to pass to a solid state requires its catalyst.

The ESMALTEX is completely free of BISFENOL-A (BPA free). For more information see the following link: www.coniex.com/esmaltes-sin-bisfenol


  • Brilliant appearance associated with a total absence of porosity.
  • Great adherence on all surfaces, free of oils or dust.
  • High surface hardness, resistance to abrasion and scratching.
  • High impact resistance.
  • No shrinkage during drying.
  • Can be sanded, sanded and polished, always at low revolutions.
  • A subsequent electrolytic bath can be given.
  • High degree of resistance to light.
  • All pigments are certified for low heavy metal content (complying with the European standard EN 71-3:1994 Safety of Toys – Part 3: Migration of certain elements).

Coniex, S.A. sells the following types of ESMALTEX

  • INCOLORO Esmaltex
  • Esmaltex FLEXIL 80/20
  • DOMINGFLEX Esmaltex: Ideal for label coating
  • TRANSPARENT Esmaltex
  • Esmaltex OPACOS
  • Esmaltex PERLEADOS
  • Various types of CATALYZERS


This wide range of products is specially designed to be useful with the most varied applications.

Our technical department is at your disposal for any query you wish to make in this regard and the Technical Sheets of each of our ESMALTEX are available.


ESMALTEX are supplied in 0,250 Kg, 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 25 Kg and 200 Kg packages.

DOMINGFLEX “A” (resin): In packages of 1 kg, 5 kgs y 25 kgs


Download – ESMALTEX colour chart

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