Fortunately, we live in an era when the safety of living beings and preserving the environment have become priorities. Thanks to the fact that most countries establish regulations for their compliance and control, we have peace of mind that we are protected against any potentially harmful substance.

We assume that if you are reading this post you are or will be a user of epoxy resin. You should know that, as its chemical composition, it is considered a toxic and dangerous substance. Don't be alarmed!  Many of the products that we use in our daily lives, such as cleaning and disinfecting materials like bleach, air fresheners, or simply our nail polish, are considered too.

At Coniex we are aware of the importance of these regulations and we work to ensure that our products always comply with them. It has not been an easy task, but after intensive research, testing and approval carried out by our R&D&I laboratories, we are able to offer our customers a product that scrupulously meets all essential requirements and quality certifications.

This is why large, important multinational firms from a wide range of sectors, including textiles, jewellery and high-quality costume jewellery, and catalogue sales, trust our Esmaltex 100%. They know that accessories or jewellery enamelled with our products will meet all the required standards. In addition, our epoxy resin is totally free of  Bisphenol A.


  • is packaged in a metal can, 100% hermetically sealed, approved for transport and has passed strict controls that ensure its resistance to spillage in the event of impact. The welding has also been studied to ensure there are no product leaks.
  • the cap is fully approved, spill-proof and child-proof.
  • the label provides all the information required by Regulation No. 1272/2008 (CLP). Among other data, it indicates the product code, lot number, and expiration date, which provide important information to control the traceability of the product.
  • And of course, it is always accompanied by Safety Data Sheets that comply with the 1907/2006/EC (REACH), 2017/830/EU regulations. These Safety Data Sheets are of vital importance and should be kept for consultation when needed, as they contain all the information relating to: the product, the protective material required for its use, storage instructions, how to act in the event of an accident: contact with the eyes, allergic reactions, etc, information relating to transport and how to act in the event of accidental spillage, etc.


This is not a smear campaign by any means, but be wary of epoxy resin that comes to you packaged without minimum safety guarantees. You will agree with the saying "safety first". Take all these factors into account when shopping for epoxy resin.

To find out more about our packaging, we invite you to read the post about our New Packaging

We are at your disposal for any questions you wish to ask us about the product. We believe the subject is of importance and we are here to advise you.

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