Get your buttons stylish

Our bi-component enamel ESMALTEX adds value and is ideal for enamelling your buttons and fornitures, in a quick and easy way. What do I get?

- Pieces with a great surface hardness and resistance to abrasion.

- Shiny final appearance

- Enable later machining: sanding, polishing, etc.

What can I offer to my customers?

- A high quality product with a short production lead times.

- A wide range of ready-to-use colours and possibility of making customised colours according to your needs. See our COLOUR CHART

What can I guarantee to my customers?

- Your pieces will comply with the European Standard EN 71-3:1994,

- Heavy metal limit "Safety Toys - Part 3"

- Completely free of Bisphenol A

They are all advantages, cheer up and put colour to your creations!

Do not hesitate to contact our Technical and Commercial Departments for any consultation. We are at your disposal and will be very happy to help you

Coniex regularly trains advanced courses to improve the enamelling techniques and learn new applications.

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