Would you like to make your own resin pieces? You can create your own pieces easily and simply with Esmaltex epoxy resin, quickly and with no investment.

For more than 30 years, Coniex has been manufacturing a completely transparent, high-gloss, highly scratch and UV-resistant, bisphenol-free epoxy resin.  Our Esmaltex Epoxy resin contains no bisphenol A (a substance that is harmful to health and the environment), so you can make totally safe and non-toxic parts that comply with Safety and Toxicity standards.

It is ideal for making all kinds of resin items such as costume jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, rings), decorative pieces, pieces with occlusions, promotional items and everything that your imagination can come up with.

It is incredibly simple to use: mix the resin and catalyst thoroughly (this step is crucial to obtaining optimal results), allow to stand for about 3 minutes and then it is ready to apply.

Catalysis (i.e. drying the piece) can be carried out at room temperature (20 to 25ºC ), at a maximum of 50% humidity. Your parts will be finished in just 24 hours!

For more information on how to use Esmaltex, please do not hesitate to request our Technical Data Sheet (TDS). All our products have Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets.

ESMALTEX epoxy resin can be machined and is suitable for processes such as sanding at low speed and with fine grain sandpaper so as not to damage the resin. You can recover the initial shine by using a polishing paste for precious metals or plastics and also at low speeds. You can also perforate the piece with a small drill to create a pendant, for example.

If you would like to make coloured items, we have a range of 90 colours with clear, opaque and pearlised finishes which you can mix with the project to obtain effect desired. Consult our Range of colours.

To make the job easier, our RTV liquid silicone is available in different hardnesses to adapt perfectly to the shape of your parts. You can make the moulds you need yourself, which allows you to have a mould immediately available without having to invest in new ones. Use your original pieces to make a mould with our RTV. You can then use your mould to replicate the original with our resin. It's as easy and as fast as it gets.

Make your own cabochons and beads to set in your pieces. Don't depend on outside suppliers, avoid delays in delivery times and last minute surprises. Be totally independent!

Coniex gives Enamelling Courses to teach you how to apply and perfect epoxy resin, so you can learn more about decoration and how to make your own creations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

For more information, see our Epoxy Resin "Esmaltex section

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