New packaging for our ESMALTEX products

Safer and more comfortable packaging.

We are aware of how important safety is when working with chemical products. That’s why we are dedicated to offer the best to our clients, day byday.

At CONIEX we are committed to health and environment. Our enamels are the only ones in the market free from BPA, an organic compound which has been associated to cause multiple adverse health effects.

Our ESMALTEX are commercialized in improved packaging. Those containers are safer and ensure a perfect preservation of the product, maximizing its shelf life.cold-enamels-jewelery

After a few months making tests, we have developed the perfect packaging for our cold enamels and hardeners.

An excellent product deserves the best packaging

The new containers offer a better protection of the product to light as well as a better preservation. Its shape makes it easy to handle them and to empty the content out. Furthermore, this new packaging format allows an excellent optimization of the room, easing storage.


Our new containers are certified and 100% airtight. Their plugs are child safe and spill-free.

The product classification has been made in accordance with Regulation Nº. 1272/2008 (CLP). Beware of any similar product whose packaging, labeling and safety data sheets that do not comply with these

We take the opportunity to inform our clients that the HARDENERS, usually sold in 130gr containers, are now presented in 250gr packages.

The technical team is at your disposal for any questions about our ESMALTEX range that you may have.

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