Pewter alloys


For the manufacture of pewter parts by centrifugal casting, it is necessary to use high quality alloys.

For this reason, Coniex develops and markets a complete range of tin-based alloys, so that our customers can cast any type of part with the guarantee of good mould filling, excellent surface quality and constant quality.

Wargame Mould Confection

Pewter is a metal used to make parts:

  • Fashion Jewellery
  • Wargames Miniatures
  • Historical Miniatures
  • Fashion Complements
  • Furniture Complements
  • Modelism

Our range of alloys

    • Lead content < 4%
    • Manufacture of all types of pewter parts
    • Fusion Temperature 189-210ºC
    • Optimum Working Temperature 250-270ºC
    • Density 7,5 g/cm3
    • Units of sale: Box 20 kg
    • 0,75 kg ingots
  • PELTRE P70
    • Lead Content 27%.
    • For parts with a high lead content
    • Fusion Temperature 220-230ºC
    • Optimum Working Temperature 260-280ºC
    • Density 8,42 g/cm3
    • Units of sale: Box 20 kg
    • 1 kg ingots
    • Lead Content < 50ppm / 0,05%
    • Manufacture of high quality certified parts
    • Melting temperature 230ºC
    • Optimum working temperature 300-315ºC
    • Density 7,4 g/cm3
    • Units of sale: Box 21 kg
    • 2.5 kg ingots

The Centrifugal Foundry Pewter marketed by CONIEX only comes from 99.9% Pure Tin.

In case you need an alloy for a special application, Coniex can develop custom Pewter alloys. Please contact us.

Our customers say

  • With part filling and the surface quality of Pewter Formula P2, we've lowered the rejection.

    A. S.L. Fashion Jewellery Company
  • The ECO-50 pewter certificate allows us to export our jewelry production to the USA.

    C.N., S.A. Fashion Jewellery Company
  • The quality of the metal is constant and we have no surprises.

    E, SL Company of Miniatures and Wargames

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