Do you want to obtain your "original or master"  pieces and the original cannot resist the mould vulcanization temperature? We have the ideal mould.

Thanks to new technologies, and particularly to 3D technology, it is common to use resin or plastic pieces as originals. Originals in molding  putty are also common.

Many of these resins, plastics and fillers do not resist the usual vulcanization temperature at 160-180 ºC.

Our range SILCODISC-MA is designed for the vulcanization of these originals, without deformation or damage.

These molds have a very low vulcanization temperature:

SILCODISC-MA90            90°C.

SILCODISC-MA120       120ºC.

Thanks to lengthy tests, both in the laboratory and in industrial applications,  our  SILCODISC-MA range is characterized by high mechanical qualities, reproduction fidelity and lower shrinkage.

Also, this range allows to perform high quality castings for the reproduction of these originals and making models for production moulds. This can also be useful for small batches both in resins and tin and lead alloys.

ATTENTION: These are NOT high thermal resistance moulds, so castings in tin and lead alloys will be lower than in a production mould. With zamak alloys the number of casts is very low, but sufficient to make the models.

Technical characteristics of our SILCODISC-MA:

-     Extraordinary resistance to tearing.

-      Low  viscosity  before  vulcanization  (raw)  that  facilitates  the  handling  for  the preparation of the mold and the nailing of the pieces, minimizing the effect "rebound".

-     Great flexibility, which allows the demoulding of complicated pieces.

-     High fidelity reproduction.

-     High resistance to chemical attack by casting resins

SILCODISC-MA90 or SILCODISC-MA120? Please contact us. Our Technical Department will be happy to help and advise you which type of SILCODISC-MA will best suit the vulcanization of your originals.


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